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2 Einträge
Marco Marco schrieb am Januar 17, 2024 um 9:56 pm
Congratulations for your work. I would be interested in starting a similar project with the La Belle but using a CNC machine. Would you sell the CAD drawings you have made?
Administrator-Antwort von: Oliver
Hello Marco, Thank you for your interest in my site. If you start with La Belle you have to pay attention with the first frames near the hawse frames. There are a error in the drawings! This was the reason for my CAD-Work. During the construction i modified the drawings and it not will be very helpful for you. The original planset you can buy on www.ancre.fr. Good luck Oliver
Fournier Fournier schrieb am Oktober 20, 2023 um 7:29 am
Hello how to acquière the plans of the beautiful one, cordially Roland
Administrator-Antwort von: Oliver
Bonjour. The plans you can buy here. https://ancre.fr/en/monograph/30-monographie-de-la-belle-barque-1680.html